Aries Insurance Agent Services.


Aries Insurance Agent Services.


Aries Insurance Agent Services.A thin blue vertical line separating two logos.A division of URL Insurance Group.


"We are dedicated experts helping you meet the growing demand for senior insurance needs."

At URL we strive to offer our agent partners advanced sales support so that they can do what they do best – sell! 10,000 individuals are turning 65 every day, creating a demand for knowledgeable agents to explain the wide variety of products available. This is why we are dedicated experts helping you to meet the growing demand for senior insurance needs.

We are Medicare product experts.

  • We are highly-trained on all the companies that we represent, providing you fast, accurate sales support
  • We provide exclusive tools and training you need to support your clients, as well as networking opportunities, lead programs, referral platforms, and compliance assistance
  • Our website links to several resources, including our exclusive MedicareNow! enrollment tool where you can save client data and drug lists, quotes, quick reference guides, carrier specific information, blogs, certification links, scope of appointments, and CMS approved handouts

Let us help you find the right products for your clients, including:

Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans
Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
Part D Prescription Drug Plans
Senior Ancillary Products


Christy Wilbert.
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Christy Wilbert, PLCS, AINS
Senior Vice President

Karen McDaniel.
Karen McDaniel
Director of Compliance

Olivia Gregory.

Olivia Gregory

Ben Luciotti.

Ben Luciotti

Samantha Purcell.

Samantha Purcell