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Aries Insurance Agent Services.


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Frequently asked questions


I am a career agent with another company and am required to write the majority of my business with companies that URL does not represent. Am I still eligible for the Gemini program?

Yes, URL is only interested in partnering with you for the companies that we represent.

Are there production requirements for participation in the Gemini program?

Yes. Gemini Partners must place at least 8 cases in a calendar year. Production is reviewed prior to E&O renewal.

I am interested in participating in the Gemini program but there may be some companies that URL represents that I or my agency may not be able to place with URL. Am I still eligible?

We understand that every agent and agency's situation may be a little different, and we look forward to discussing these on an individual basis.

Will the inability to secure a release from another brokerage firm, MGA, or FMO be a sufficient reason for not being able to place business with URL?

Although we intend to be flexible and review each relationship on an individual basis, the inability to secure a release will not be a sufficient reason for not placing business with URL. URL has always had an open release policy and we believe other brokerage firms should as well.

What if URL can’t match the commission level and other benefit package I have elsewhere?

The Gemini Guarantee states that we will match and strive to better any arrangement that you have elsewhere. If we cannot match or better your current arrangement, then you will not be expected to place this business with URL.

What if I make the commitment to participate in the Gemini program and then change my mind in the future?

You may leave the Gemini program at any time with written 60 day notice. URL agrees to grant any and all necessary releases for you and any agency down line. Likewise, URL may initiate termination of your participation in the Gemini with written 60 day notice (any and all Gemini bonuses and other Gemini benefits will be considered earned”until the date of termination).

How does the Gemini Group Health Bonus Pool work?

The Gemini Group Health Bonus Pool will be growing throughout the year with contributions made by URL from, among other things, profits from our enrollment platforms, joint cases, and referral business. The bonus will be exclusive to group health producers and paid March 1st of each year based on each producers percentage of total business placed with URL’s group health carriers.

Are there Agency contracts available?

Yes. We look forward to discussing the advantages and benefits for any Agency or group of Agencies with 2 or more Sub-agents that is willing to participate in the Gemini program.

What is referral business?

We consider referral business to be when you send us a client and our in-house, on staff experts assist them in getting the coverage they need for products that you may not be familiar with or do not have time to handle. This is mutually beneficial because your clients will know they can rely on you for all of their insurance needs leading to higher retention rates.

What are Gemini Special Events?

We believe that there is value in networking and camaraderie among professionals and we intend to promote this with special events for Gemini participants.

What is Gemini Charitable Giving?

URL Insurance Group and The Gary C. Clemens Memorial Fund will prioritize causes supported by Gemini participants when considering our numerous requests for charitable giving.